The Tatting Design Quest

Since I began the Tatting Designers Class I have more and more often grabbed my computer first thing in the morning and begun researching words, topics and ideas to plan our next class and while doing this written more pages each time for both the lessons and the Blog then never posted any of it. Like many mornings I began today at 7 am with my mug of coffee and now at 9:30am have checked out many sites and written almost 4 pages.

Today I realized that nothing would ever get posted if I didn’t regularly take the next step and begin regularly posting instead of thinking next week I’ll organize all of this into regular posts. Next week has come and gone many, many times. So I have opened up our WordPress site, 9:49am, and will organize a portion of what I have written making it into an actual post! And at this moment my mind is whirling with background music; so “starting today-a-a, I’m going all the way-a-a “

I’m sure that by making regular posts it will greatly enhance the learning from our weekly class discussions possibly even exponentially (aka very rapidly – I do love the sounds of some big words).

Brb, 9:57am going to make my breakfast smoothie. MMmmm yum, fat free milk, a vanilla Instant Breakfast packet, a banana, vanilla Greek yogurt, a few ice cubes and a special treat some peanut butter (an early reward for blog posting this morning – too much peanut butter or too many mornings in a row of adding it makes my tummy very angry)

Now on to our Tatting Designers current Topic: The Design Process

I found a word that is perfect for us.
Rather than “homework”, which can often evoke thoughts of drudgery, duty, and ” oohhhh I have to do this” or “challenge” which can often infer “I don’t think you can do it” (uttered in a sing-song taunting manner) and “I dare you to . . .” we’re going to use the word “QUEST”.

Quest is an action word invoking thoughts of Explorations, Adventures, Fun and Discovery. This is what designing is all about.

Many Quests involve false starts, dead-ends, frustration and failures as well as wrong roads followed before the Treasure is found. Even experienced designers have these moments. Quests also can take a lot of time and “work” (Experienced designers will vouch for this) although both words can sometimes be replaced with pleasure and enjoyment if you have a Passion for the Field and the Belief that you Will find the Treasure.

Our Project right now is to Design a Bunny/Rabbit.
Here I want to Emphasize that while designing for class projects, just as when on a quest you may want to Change Directions. You might have an “AHA” moment or an Inspiration and you should probably follow it! Last week one member had thoughts of designing an alien bunny. Yesterday during our discussion squirrels were mentioned and one member said she loved squirrels and could she design that instead of a bunny. My answers were Good Idea and Yes. Often we are not sure Where to Start Designing; The class project gives us that place and helps us through the journey. Veering off that main track can become a marvelous journey to a great design.

We are now entering STEP III. THE CREATION. Experimenting, re-doing, “Asking” what if I . . .” or how could I do this differently, how have others done this, or what other technique could be used and more questions leading to more research into the subject and techniques relevant to the design. During this time it helps very much to have Communication with other Tatters and Embrace their Feedback.

And overall you should be Enjoying the Journey.
Well it’s now 12:31 pm. Last night my main goal for today was to get up and start cleaning and organizing in the house. So I’m off to have lunch and then will start my “morning work”
Happy Tatting Designing, Sue

My post today was inspired by a site where I found the wonderful quotes below:

As Dan Pink explains, we have three drives:
Traditionally, school and work revolve around extrinsic motivation.
Extrinsic Motivation = Rewards and Punishment
Studies show that we do our best work when intrinsically motivated.
Intrinsic Motivation = Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (AMP)
I’ll try to present opportunities for you to tap into your intrinsic motivation as often as possible.

Mastery is a journey, not a destination.
It’s something you strive for but never reach.
Mastery happens in small steps.
When you demonstrate mastery, it usually begins with something simple and ordinary.
In time, simplicity gives way to elegance, or beauty, or wonder.
Your journey has just begun.

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Planning Today’s Lesson

Yesterday morning I worked for about four hours on the lesson plan for 2/24/14 Lesson 6 and it just was not coming together. Usually by that amount of time I have a lot of links & notes written and a good idea of the direction I want the class to go and am ready to pull it all together and fine-tune it.

Instead I’ve been feeling frustrated and impatient – stomach tangling in knots instead of the enjoyment and excitement of finding new information, links and any specific ideas to use. Confusion reigned – there’s so much more to discuss about tatted chains but we need to go on to study the Tatted Ring Element next month. I haven’t been able to get myself to research shape again – it feels so redundant to study topics we’ve done many times before in previous classes. I realize I need something new to keep me interested and inspired.

So I took a long lunch break to eat and basically just lurked in Georgia’s afternoon class while also Googling drawing, designing, shape and tatting word combinations and browsing sites. Then finally at 3:30 in the afternoon found a site that brought inspiration and ideas for Our Topics of: the Shape Element, Chains and the Color Red.

It also inspired the idea for a New Structure for this year’s Classes.
I plan to try taking Individual Tatting Design Projects one at a time from Start to Finish through the Design Process emphasizing and studying the specific factors in each particular project. This way we will get experience in how everything works together. There will not be a specific time frame set ahead of time for these projects, we will see how it goes for each one as we get there.

I’m now happily looking forward to today’s class!
Hope to see you there,

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A Creative Attitude

Quote of the Week:

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;
It is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”


Lucius Annaeus Seneca, byname Seneca the Younger, was a Roman philosopher, statesman, orator, and tragedian who was Rome’s leading intellectual figure in the mid-1st century ce.

In Michael Michalko’s book Creative Thinkering, Putting Your Imagination to Work, Chapter 13 is titled: You Become what you Pretend to Be.

Michalko, one of the most highly acclaimed creativity experts in the world says:

“… our attitudes influence our behavior. But it’s also true that our behavior can influence our attitudes.” Pg 175

You can change the way you see yourself, and the way others see you, by your intention and by going through the motions.” Pg 176

“Cognitive scientists have discovered that the brain is a dynamic system—an organ that evolves its patterns of activity rather than computes them like a computer. It thrives on the creative energy of feedback from experiences either real or fictional. (find statement about not letting brain take over)  An important point to remember is that you can synthesize experience, literally create it in your imagination. The human brain cannot tell the difference between an “actual” experience and an experience imagined vividly and in detail.” Pg. 186

How can we use this information in our daily creative lives?

1. Make affirmative attitude statements each day: (Add your own also)

  • I am a creative person.
  • I am resourceful and can imagine new ideas and ways to design things.
  • I can build the skills to become a tatting designer

2. Begin visualizing during those mundane chores, while outside or as you fall asleep at night.

Visualize something you saw that day; the look and feel of it,  the shapes, the colors –think of them running together, the texture; then picture these as tatting elements, or as a drawing, or as an abstract in your choice of media, on a greeting card, on a bag, pillow, framed picture, or whatever comes to mind; let the thoughts flow freely and don’t forget to have a way to jot or doodle these down.

3. Just begin by going through the motions

Doing this can give you a sense of confidence, power, incentive, exhilaration, fulfilment and make you feel inventive, amazingly alive and successful.

February’s Topics


  • Preparation; Mind, Media & Steps
  • Attitude


Complimentary Colors & Color of the Month: Reds

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My Recent Inspiration Journey

This story actually began last week Monday. After my last trip to the dentist in a nearby small city I treated myself to a browse through the great book collection at their fairly new Goodwill. I came home with 4 craft books and a great wood and bamboo magazine file to put them in which I still had sitting in the living room. So Sunday night I brought a cute little one only 7” x 8” but an inch and a half wide with 640 pages and a cover that really caught my eye: “Creative Touches, Hundreds of Stylish Ideas for Your Home” Hylas Publishing 2002, and set it next to the bed.

So instead of booting up my computer to browse tatting yesterday morning I browsed this book with my morning cup of coffee and a tiny pad of sticky notes. Many of the ideas are very quick and simple and little did I know that I would have to get up to find another pad of a different color! By the time I got done I had 16 blue markers for Tatting Ideas and 20 pink ones for ideas I’d like to do for our home.

I was on a high which is was probably part of the reason I decided a bit later to offer more classes. Of course by bedtime I was realizing that doing that would not leave me enough time to follow through on these ideas even though a couple were quick and simple uses for the designs in my tatting book.

Then today while taking care of all the loose ends of announcing my decision to not teach online again until the new year I watched that inspiring video that Rebecca posted and the creative juices started flowing again.

After lunch today I was so tired from the lack of sleep last night combined with the heat today I decided to lay down in bed with another of the craft books rather than taking a nap. This one was very large 9″ x 12″ 500 pages– “The Complete Book of Papercrafts, A truly comprehensive collection of papercraft ideas, designs and techniques, with over 300 projects”, Hermes House an imprint of Anness publishing Inc, 1998. Again out came the sticky notes and I soon had marked 20 tatting design inspirational pages as well as written down and sketched notes on a junior size legal pad. It was all so inspiring that I needed to tell someone and write about it.

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Creativity & Inspiration: Time, Space & Organization


Tomorrow’s Lesson: Learning to find and grow that awesome but sometimes elusive creativeness inside yourselves!

What!? You think you don’t have it? Well, banish that thought immediately. It’s there inside you if you want it. You can learn to be creative, or more creative and can be a designer. So fasten your seat belts, hold on tight and open your mind to the fantastic possibilities.

From a wonderful article on the web (please read the rest of this article, before class if possible so we can discuss it in class) –

“Creativity is something that is developed through practice, not  bequeathed at birth.

Creative, artsy types usually have similarities in their background and habits that have shape  who they are, allowing them to emerge from their childhoods as fully-formed, creative human butterflies.

If you do not yet feel creative, you are simply still in your larval form. Your butterfly time awaits. This article exists to help you emerge into this new, exciting stage in your development.”

At the end of the article it says:

“But most importantly, just go out there and create. The more you do, the better you’ll get.”

From: Tips for How to Develop Creativity: Yes, You Can
Judith Culpepper, Yahoo! Contributor Network Oct 10, 2008

And don’t let the words “the more you do” intimidate you because it does not have to be anything large or fantastic it just has to be.

We’ll be looking at many quick and easy ways to develop your creativity and designing skills.

Hoping you begin your flight today,


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Class Schedule & Topics

Tatting Designers Classes Resume next week Tuesday, June 4th.
Our Topic will be our June Color of the Month – YELLOW! (See more about this below)

The 1st Tuesday each Month will be about our new Color of the Month:
June is Yellow – June 4th
The 2nd Tuesday each Month will be Tatting Topics:
Diagram Drawing & Symbols – June 11th
The 3rd Tuesday each Month will be Inspiration and Creativity:
June 18th Challenges to Designing Successfully
The 4th Tuesday each Month will be Design Elements and Principles:
June 25th Review Summary

Our Main Class Challenge for 2013 is to add Monthly Color Sections to our Tatting Designer’s Workbook Journals. Last summer we Studied Color by making our own Interactive Color Wheel in Inkscape. This Year we will again study color, but in a different way, by having a Color of the Month.

I have add more Pins to Study about our Current Color Green, Color Wheel Color Schemes and for our New June Color Yellow to our Color Board,

Happy Tatting and Learning, Sue

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Welcome to our New Tatting Designers Blog!

We’ve now been in existence for 1 ½ years, have 384 members in our Facebook group at

184 members in our Tatting Designers Yahoo Group at

And specific Pinterest Sites at: (For information about the Diagramming Tatters Classes please email me

You can see a list of all my boards at:

Our free Tatting Designers Class continues to meet on Tuesdays:

Please email me at if you need the information about how to attend the class.

Early Class Sessions are at USA times: 3:00 Eastern, 2:00 Central, 1:00 Mountain and 12:00 Pacific, 21:00/9pm CET, 20:00/8pm UK, Plus one-half hour earlier for general chatting.

Late Class Sessions are at USA times::30 Eastern, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain and 5:30 Pacific, 02:30/2:30 am CET, 01:30//1:30 am UK, Plus one-half hour earlier for general chatting.

The classes meet for approximately 1.5-2.0 hours.  Members are encouraged to stop in even if they are not able to stay for a whole session. Logs of all the classes are posted online also for later viewing.

Happy Tatting, Sue


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