Class Schedule & Topics

Tatting Designers Classes Resume next week Tuesday, June 4th.
Our Topic will be our June Color of the Month – YELLOW! (See more about this below)

The 1st Tuesday each Month will be about our new Color of the Month:
June is Yellow – June 4th
The 2nd Tuesday each Month will be Tatting Topics:
Diagram Drawing & Symbols – June 11th
The 3rd Tuesday each Month will be Inspiration and Creativity:
June 18th Challenges to Designing Successfully
The 4th Tuesday each Month will be Design Elements and Principles:
June 25th Review Summary

Our Main Class Challenge for 2013 is to add Monthly Color Sections to our Tatting Designer’s Workbook Journals. Last summer we Studied Color by making our own Interactive Color Wheel in Inkscape. This Year we will again study color, but in a different way, by having a Color of the Month.

I have add more Pins to Study about our Current Color Green, Color Wheel Color Schemes and for our New June Color Yellow to our Color Board,

Happy Tatting and Learning, Sue

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