Creativity & Inspiration: Time, Space & Organization


Tomorrow’s Lesson: Learning to find and grow that awesome but sometimes elusive creativeness inside yourselves!

What!? You think you don’t have it? Well, banish that thought immediately. It’s there inside you if you want it. You can learn to be creative, or more creative and can be a designer. So fasten your seat belts, hold on tight and open your mind to the fantastic possibilities.

From a wonderful article on the web (please read the rest of this article, before class if possible so we can discuss it in class) –

“Creativity is something that is developed through practice, not  bequeathed at birth.

Creative, artsy types usually have similarities in their background and habits that have shape  who they are, allowing them to emerge from their childhoods as fully-formed, creative human butterflies.

If you do not yet feel creative, you are simply still in your larval form. Your butterfly time awaits. This article exists to help you emerge into this new, exciting stage in your development.”

At the end of the article it says:

“But most importantly, just go out there and create. The more you do, the better you’ll get.”

From: Tips for How to Develop Creativity: Yes, You Can
Judith Culpepper, Yahoo! Contributor Network Oct 10, 2008

And don’t let the words “the more you do” intimidate you because it does not have to be anything large or fantastic it just has to be.

We’ll be looking at many quick and easy ways to develop your creativity and designing skills.

Hoping you begin your flight today,


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