My Recent Inspiration Journey

This story actually began last week Monday. After my last trip to the dentist in a nearby small city I treated myself to a browse through the great book collection at their fairly new Goodwill. I came home with 4 craft books and a great wood and bamboo magazine file to put them in which I still had sitting in the living room. So Sunday night I brought a cute little one only 7” x 8” but an inch and a half wide with 640 pages and a cover that really caught my eye: “Creative Touches, Hundreds of Stylish Ideas for Your Home” Hylas Publishing 2002, and set it next to the bed.

So instead of booting up my computer to browse tatting yesterday morning I browsed this book with my morning cup of coffee and a tiny pad of sticky notes. Many of the ideas are very quick and simple and little did I know that I would have to get up to find another pad of a different color! By the time I got done I had 16 blue markers for Tatting Ideas and 20 pink ones for ideas I’d like to do for our home.

I was on a high which is was probably part of the reason I decided a bit later to offer more classes. Of course by bedtime I was realizing that doing that would not leave me enough time to follow through on these ideas even though a couple were quick and simple uses for the designs in my tatting book.

Then today while taking care of all the loose ends of announcing my decision to not teach online again until the new year I watched that inspiring video that Rebecca posted and the creative juices started flowing again.

After lunch today I was so tired from the lack of sleep last night combined with the heat today I decided to lay down in bed with another of the craft books rather than taking a nap. This one was very large 9″ x 12″ 500 pages– “The Complete Book of Papercrafts, A truly comprehensive collection of papercraft ideas, designs and techniques, with over 300 projects”, Hermes House an imprint of Anness publishing Inc, 1998. Again out came the sticky notes and I soon had marked 20 tatting design inspirational pages as well as written down and sketched notes on a junior size legal pad. It was all so inspiring that I needed to tell someone and write about it.

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