Planning Today’s Lesson

Yesterday morning I worked for about four hours on the lesson plan for 2/24/14 Lesson 6 and it just was not coming together. Usually by that amount of time I have a lot of links & notes written and a good idea of the direction I want the class to go and am ready to pull it all together and fine-tune it.

Instead I’ve been feeling frustrated and impatient – stomach tangling in knots instead of the enjoyment and excitement of finding new information, links and any specific ideas to use. Confusion reigned – there’s so much more to discuss about tatted chains but we need to go on to study the Tatted Ring Element next month. I haven’t been able to get myself to research shape again – it feels so redundant to study topics we’ve done many times before in previous classes. I realize I need something new to keep me interested and inspired.

So I took a long lunch break to eat and basically just lurked in Georgia’s afternoon class while also Googling drawing, designing, shape and tatting word combinations and browsing sites. Then finally at 3:30 in the afternoon found a site that brought inspiration and ideas for Our Topics of: the Shape Element, Chains and the Color Red.

It also inspired the idea for a New Structure for this year’s Classes.
I plan to try taking Individual Tatting Design Projects one at a time from Start to Finish through the Design Process emphasizing and studying the specific factors in each particular project. This way we will get experience in how everything works together. There will not be a specific time frame set ahead of time for these projects, we will see how it goes for each one as we get there.

I’m now happily looking forward to today’s class!
Hope to see you there,

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