The Tatting Design Quest

Since I began the Tatting Designers Class I have more and more often grabbed my computer first thing in the morning and begun researching words, topics and ideas to plan our next class and while doing this written more pages each time for both the lessons and the Blog then never posted any of it. Like many mornings I began today at 7 am with my mug of coffee and now at 9:30am have checked out many sites and written almost 4 pages.

Today I realized that nothing would ever get posted if I didn’t regularly take the next step and begin regularly posting instead of thinking next week I’ll organize all of this into regular posts. Next week has come and gone many, many times. So I have opened up our WordPress site, 9:49am, and will organize a portion of what I have written making it into an actual post! And at this moment my mind is whirling with background music; so “starting today-a-a, I’m going all the way-a-a “

I’m sure that by making regular posts it will greatly enhance the learning from our weekly class discussions possibly even exponentially (aka very rapidly – I do love the sounds of some big words).

Brb, 9:57am going to make my breakfast smoothie. MMmmm yum, fat free milk, a vanilla Instant Breakfast packet, a banana, vanilla Greek yogurt, a few ice cubes and a special treat some peanut butter (an early reward for blog posting this morning – too much peanut butter or too many mornings in a row of adding it makes my tummy very angry)

Now on to our Tatting Designers current Topic: The Design Process

I found a word that is perfect for us.
Rather than “homework”, which can often evoke thoughts of drudgery, duty, and ” oohhhh I have to do this” or “challenge” which can often infer “I don’t think you can do it” (uttered in a sing-song taunting manner) and “I dare you to . . .” we’re going to use the word “QUEST”.

Quest is an action word invoking thoughts of Explorations, Adventures, Fun and Discovery. This is what designing is all about.

Many Quests involve false starts, dead-ends, frustration and failures as well as wrong roads followed before the Treasure is found. Even experienced designers have these moments. Quests also can take a lot of time and “work” (Experienced designers will vouch for this) although both words can sometimes be replaced with pleasure and enjoyment if you have a Passion for the Field and the Belief that you Will find the Treasure.

Our Project right now is to Design a Bunny/Rabbit.
Here I want to Emphasize that while designing for class projects, just as when on a quest you may want to Change Directions. You might have an “AHA” moment or an Inspiration and you should probably follow it! Last week one member had thoughts of designing an alien bunny. Yesterday during our discussion squirrels were mentioned and one member said she loved squirrels and could she design that instead of a bunny. My answers were Good Idea and Yes. Often we are not sure Where to Start Designing; The class project gives us that place and helps us through the journey. Veering off that main track can become a marvelous journey to a great design.

We are now entering STEP III. THE CREATION. Experimenting, re-doing, “Asking” what if I . . .” or how could I do this differently, how have others done this, or what other technique could be used and more questions leading to more research into the subject and techniques relevant to the design. During this time it helps very much to have Communication with other Tatters and Embrace their Feedback.

And overall you should be Enjoying the Journey.
Well it’s now 12:31 pm. Last night my main goal for today was to get up and start cleaning and organizing in the house. So I’m off to have lunch and then will start my “morning work”
Happy Tatting Designing, Sue

My post today was inspired by a site where I found the wonderful quotes below:

As Dan Pink explains, we have three drives:
Traditionally, school and work revolve around extrinsic motivation.
Extrinsic Motivation = Rewards and Punishment
Studies show that we do our best work when intrinsically motivated.
Intrinsic Motivation = Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (AMP)
I’ll try to present opportunities for you to tap into your intrinsic motivation as often as possible.

Mastery is a journey, not a destination.
It’s something you strive for but never reach.
Mastery happens in small steps.
When you demonstrate mastery, it usually begins with something simple and ordinary.
In time, simplicity gives way to elegance, or beauty, or wonder.
Your journey has just begun.

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